Waaberi - new dawn

The bombings and mass executions led to tens of thousands of deaths and propelled the country towards an all-out civil war, setting in motion the fall of Barre's regime three years later. The country factionalised. Resistance movements, some foreign-backed, emerged. A fragile central government diverted its resources from the arts to fighting, effectively ending a once vibrant music scene. 

An Ancient Chinese document from the 9th century CE referred to the northern Somalia coast — which was then part of a broader region in Northeast Africa known as Barbara , in reference to the area's Berber ( Hamitic ) inhabitants [32] — as Po-pa-li . [33] [34] The first clear written reference of the sobriquet Somali , however, dates back to the 15th century. During the wars between the Sultanate of Ifat based at Zeila and the Solomonic Dynasty , the Abyssinian emperor had one of his court officials compose a hymn celebrating a military victory over the Sultan of Ifat's eponymous troops. [35] Simur was also an ancient Harari alias for the Somali people. [36]

Waaberi - New DawnWaaberi - New DawnWaaberi - New DawnWaaberi - New Dawn